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We believe our enemy, Satan, has planted wrong images into people’s hearts. Images of inferiority and fear, images of a bad marriage, images of lack and never having enough, an image of failure, and a poor self-image. Perhaps an image of what happened to you back in your past or what you did in your past. All these images have been ones that Satan has planted to contain you from increasing in the knowledge of God. Satan will fight to keep these wrongly planted images inside a person because it’s to his advantage to keep a believer from growth, from manifesting their full potential in Christ.
In Judges Chapter 6, the Lord gave Gideon a new image, “thou mighty man of valour!” If Gideon kept looking at what he didn’t have in the natural or kept looking at his past he’d never have accessed that potential that God placed in him. Once Gideon did, he did the impossible….. or what he could not do himself in the natural. In the New Testament, Jesus gave us His image…. the image of Christ. We are joint heirs with Him and we have been seated in Heaven with Christ. What you cannot do for yourself in the natural, you can do connected up to God from the new image He’s given you! But, before you can operate in the new image, it first has to be planted inside you. Mark 4:14 – “the sower soweth the Word.


I have an assignment from God to plant the proper image of the Word inside you. If you will give me one year of your life and sit underneath good teaching the Word will manifest in your life, I guarantee it. You have store houses of potential sitting inside of you and God wants it exposed! At NLCC our mission is to expose how the enemy has gained access into your life and pull back the covers on how he’s gained entrance into your life. We will show you how the Lord’s desire is for you to recover everything that Satan has robbed from you, stole from you, extorted from you, every time you were humiliated for losses, every time you had to suffer unknowingly, every time Satan embarrassed you or brought shame upon you, whatever has been against your peace, your career, your business, your family and your children, everything is going to be restored and Satan will be made to pay damages for what he has done! God is going to manifest the Sons of God, He is going to beautify the church and all your brothers, sisters, and cousins will see that there is a God in Heaven!


 Satan has been the engineer of every robbery in your life, every shame and humiliation that you’ve suffered, Satan was behind it! Satan has held back the truth from you in your past, kept certain truths covered up, and because of it we’ve all been victims. At NLCC we teach the TRUTH. Truth that you hear and receive is what makes you free! Hosea 4:6 says believer’s parish for a lack of knowledge. Colossians 1:9,10 says that you NEED to increase in the knowledge of God. What religion has done is it got a little bit of knowledge and then built a camp around that knowledge. But what they didn’t know is they shut themselves off from “increasing” in the knowledge of God. Increasing in the knowledge of God is something that should never run dry in your life. Want to hear about a whole new way of life? Come sit and give us one year at New Life Christian Center and we’ll show you what the Word of God says about you, who you are in Christ and what rightfully belongs to you! Gods plan for you NEVER changes. He wants you wealthy, healthy and FULL of joy!